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Bell Master Herbalist Series

#10 Intestinal Cleansing*
Cleanses the gastrointestinal tract and helps support weight management goals.*Learn More
#14 HDL Cholesterol Formulation*
A patented blend of orange fruit and palm extracts to support healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range.*Learn More
#15 Headache Formula*
Promotes soothing comfort and tension-busting calm with herbal extracts and magnesium "the relaxer" mineral.*Learn More
#17 Homocysteine Balance*
Helps support healthy homocysteine levels with a combination of herbs, vitamins, enzymes and more.*Learn More
#21a Sleep & Relax Tea*
A special blend of herbs in tea bags to help you relax for good night's sleep and refreshed morning.*Learn More
#21b Constipation Relief Tea*
A gentle herbal tea that helps to relieve constipation, foster regularity, and remove toxins from the body.*Learn More
#22 Stop Snoring Spray 9ml*
A unique blend of 10 essential oils in an easy to use pump action spray bottle to help you have a quiet night's sleep.*Learn More
#23 Sound Sleep*
A calming supplement that gently eases away occasional tension and stress, promoting a relaxing, quiet night's sleep.*Learn More
#24 Histamine Balance*
A year-round formulation that helps the body keep histamine reactions in check.*Learn More
#25 Echinacea Immune Support*
Nutritional support for the immune system with a powerful combination of herbal ingredients.*Learn More
#26 Healthy Blood Pressure Support*
Superior quality fish peptides and science-backed herbal phytonutrients to maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range.*Learn More
#27 Heart Support Garlic Combo*
Supports and maintains cardiovascular health with the power of garlic and other botanicals.*Learn More
#28 Constipation Relief Tea In Capsules*
Gently relieves constipation while relaxing the entire digestive tract.*Learn More
#29 Digestive Tea*
Soothing and relaxing action on the stomach, promotes good digestion.*Learn More
#30 Wrist Relief*
Supports the nerves, tendons, and ligaments while promoting comfort and quality of life.*Learn More
#31 Bladder Health & Yeast Balance*
Supports healthy urinary tract function in women*Learn More
#32 Nursing Mothers Tea*
Promotes healthy lactation and richness of vitamins and minerals for nursing mothers.*Learn More
#33 Menopause Combo*
Helps to promote proper hormone balance and support energy and vitality in women.*Learn More
#34 PMS Combo*
Supports healthy hormone balance and promotes a healthy nervous system.*Learn More
#35 Stop Smoking Help
Have the courage to start a smoke free life.Learn More
#36 Brain Function*
Supports healthy brain function with herbs, amino acids, botanical compounds and more.*Learn More
#37 Bone Strength with Calcium*
Helps maintain bone strength and overall health.*Learn More
#38 Vision Day & Night*
Maintains healthy eyes and supports special pigments that help eyes function at their optimal level.*Learn More
#39 Acidic Stomach/Alkaline Balance*
Helps maintain healthy pH balance and optiizes digestive ease and comfort.*Learn More
#40 Blood Sugar Metabolism*
Helps maintain healthy blood glucose metabolism.*Learn More
#42 Virux*
Helps maintain a healthy immune system.*Learn More
#43 Open Airways Tea*
Supports healthy lungs and sinuses with superior absorption in tea form.*Learn More
#44 Bronchial Tea*
Helps strengthen the respiratory system and passages.*Learn More
#45 Breathing Relief Tea*
Moistens and soothes your throat, bronchial system, sinuses, and vocal tract.*Learn More
#47 Longevity in Good Health*
Promotes good health and longevity with Resveratrol, L-Carnosine and more.*Learn More
#63 Stem Cell*
Supports your body's natural ability to replace worn out cells and rejuvenate tissue.*Learn More
#66 Calming Stress Relief*
A combination of herbs, minerals, and the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid).*Learn More
#68 Hearing Health*
Formulated with a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bioflavonoids to help support and protect hearing health.*Learn More
#70 Neutra-Body Response*
Nutritionally supports the body's own processes that maintain proper inflammatory balance.*Learn More
#71 Calcium Assimilation*
Supports comfortable movement and healthy circulation.*Learn More

Bell Master Herbalist Series

Dr. Hammoud witnessed the power of herbal remedies from an early age. After beginning his career in Pharmacology and obtaining a Ph.D in Human Body Stem Cell Research, Dr. Hammoud switched career paths and completed a Masters degree in Herbology. For decades since, Dr. Hammoud has created proprietary formulations while working with Universities across the globe to write Herbology course materials and design entire programs from the ground up.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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