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Say good morning to a good night's sleep

Sleep Aids

#21a Sleep & Relax Tea*
A special blend of herbs in tea bags to help you relax for good night's sleep and refreshed morning.*Learn More
#22 Stop Snoring Spray 9ml*
A unique blend of 10 essential oils in an easy to use pump action spray bottle to help you have a quiet night's sleep.*Learn More
#23 Sound Sleep*
A calming supplement that gently eases away occasional tension and stress, promoting a relaxing, quiet night's sleep.*Learn More

Sleep Aids

Trouble sleeping? You’re not alone. On any given night, between 30% and 40% of adults across America have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. We all know even just one night of inadequate sleep can ruin your day, so it’s not surprising if you are looking for natural solutions to help you sleep better.*

Bell’s Sound Sleep product #23 is a sleep aid supplement that gently induces rapid onset of sleep with bioactive compounds. It includes melatonin, a natural hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Studies have shown that melatonin not only helps you fall asleep, but enhances the quality of sleep, and can also be effective for occasional sleep disorders like jet lag.*

If you or your partner snore, try our Stop Snoring Spray product #22, which contains a unique blend of 11 essential oils for a quiet and tranquil night’s sleep.*

Try Bell’s natural sleeps aids, and say good morning to a good night’s sleep!*
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† Results may vary from one person to another.